Following studies and experiences in foreign countries, Dr Mária Gallai pediatrician, Barbara Czeizel and Dorottya Dubecz special teachers founded the Early Development Center Support Foundation in 1991. The aim of the Foundation was to give expert help to parents bringing up disabled children or children with other special needs, to enhance their chances of development. The Early Development Center, which is the institute the Foundation maintains, has been offering diagnostical assessment and therapies for families since 1992. The number of assessments as well as therapies has increased steadiliy in the past 15 years, becoming almost 4 times larger in the institute. The Center was established to provide families living in Budapest and its surroundings, but the demand has become more and more obvious for the Center to become a methodological institute taking part in educating professionals who work with disabled children.

In 2003 we started two daytime groups with the help of a PHARE application: one for children living with autism and one for children with multiple disabilities. We announced fully accredited postgraduate trainings based on the experiences of these groups and of the ambulatory work in the institute. There are already 6 courses now, students come from all over the country. The Center regularly receives visitors and internship students from our contracted partners - several universities and high schools educating special teachers, psychologists, physiotherapists, social workers.


Please watch the films about our daytime groups!
Group for children living with autism (26.77 MB)

Group for children with multiple diabilities (39.28 MB)